Balinese Folklore: Pan Tuwung Kuning

Keindahan tempat wisata pantai di Bali
Keindahan tempat wisata pantai di Bali

The Jombang Taste this time shared an article on Balinese folklore. Once upon a time there lived a husband and wife who were known as Pan Tuwung Kuning and Men Tuwung Kuning.

Because they only have one son named Tuwung Kuning, the husband and wife are called Pan Tuwung Kuning and Men Tuwung Kuning.

Pan Tuwung Kuning has a favorite rooster complaining. The number of chickens complained so much that he forced his wife to take care of her husband’s pets.

Every day her husband just complains of cock and always loses. This makes their household situation chaotic. The atmosphere became restless due to husband and wife disputes. This situation is difficult to improve, especially since the child they dreamed of never came.

One day Pan Tuwung said to his wife, “My wife, if you later give birth to a child and it turns out that the child is a boy then I will use the child as my successor to continue my work complaining about chickens. But if the child is a girl, then I will slaughter and I will make my beloved cock food. ”

After the conversation not long after, his wife became pregnant. The situation that should bring joy actually causes his wife to be very worried and anxious. She was afraid that the child she would give birth to was a girl.

Every day during pregnancy, Men Tuwung Kuning continues to pray to the gods so that the child she gives birth to will be a son-Iaki. However, apparently the fate of Iain’s will, it turns out that Mer Tuwung Kuning gave birth to a sweet baby girl.

Coincidentally, Pan Tuwung Kuning was traveling a long way. The only person who accompanied Men Tuwung Kuning at that time was his mother.

“What if this baby is just hidden in my house?” said the mother of the Yellow Cup Men. “That way Pan Tuwung Kuning did not see his son.”

“I agree Ma’am, bring him and hide him in Mother’s house,” replied Men Tuwung Kuning.

The baby was taken away by the mother of Men Tuwung Kuning while what was given to her husband’s favorite rooster was only her genitals.

At night her husband had just returned home. “How? Our son or daughter?”

“Women,” replied his wife. “Where is he now?” continued her husband. “I slaughtered it and gave it to your rooster.”

Hearing his wife’s answer satisfied her husband. But at night his favorite rooster crowed, “Plak Plak! Kukuruyuk! Men Tuwung Kuning has a daughter but I was only fed her ari-ari.”

The rooster crowed repeatedly. Hearing that, Pan Tuwung Kuning became very angry and wanted to kill his wife. But before his intentions were carried out, he heard his cock crow again. “Plaque! Plaque! Kukuruyuk …! The Yellow Tuwung Men’s son is hidden in his grandmother’s house.”

Hearing that, Pan Tuwung Kuning really fainted. He then ordered his wife to bring his daughter back from his grandmother’s house. “Otherwise you do not!” He threatened his wife, “Instead you are the one to be slaughtered for the food of my beloved rooster.”

The next day Men Tuwung Kuning went to his mother’s house. Once there he was stunned, because he found his daughter magically has become a very beautiful teenage girl and good at weaving cloth.

When Tuwung Kuning found out his mother had come to pick him up, he said to his mother. “Mother! Wait until the day after tomorrow because I am weaving cloth for my corpse wrapping later.”

With a faint feeling, the Yellow Tuwung Men returned empty-handed. When she arrived home, she was immediately insulted by her dark-eyed husband.

Two days later reluctantly forced the Yellow Tuwung Men to pick up his daughter again. In front of his daughter Men Tuwung Kuning said, O my daughter Tuwung Kuning, hurry up and weave the cloth, your father has finished sharpening his sword and sharpening a machete to take your life! ”

Tuwung Kuning greeted him in a soft voice, “My dear mother, wait two more days so that I can finish a scarf to supply my death.”

With a sad feeling, the Yellow Tuwung Men returned. When she got home, she was immediately insulted by her husband because she did not succeed in bringing her daughter home.

This Balinese folk tale continues. Two days later, early in the morning, her husband left for his in-laws’ house. He carried a sword that had been sharpened very sharply. When he arrived at the house, he became very surprised because he saw his daughter was very beautiful, and she was also good at weaving cloth.

“My beloved father,” said Tuwung Kuning when he saw his father coming. “Now Ananda is ready to fulfill Dad’s wishes but on the condition that Dad has to take Ananda to the forest. After meeting the biggest tree, that’s where Dad can take Ananda’s life.”

Before leaving, Tuwung Kuning wore new clothes made of his own weaving. Then Pan Tuwung Kuning and his daughter walked over in the forest. After walking for one day they came to a large tree in front of them.

“Tuwung Kuning, get ready. Here I will take your life,” his father ordered. But his daughter refused, “Father, Ananda doesn’t want to die here. This tree is not the biggest in the forest.”

Her father accepted her daughter’s refusal. Now they are continuing their journey until they find the biggest tree trunk in the forest.

“Now Father, I am now ready to die”, said Tuwung Kuning. “Please get a banana stem for Ananda’s pillow.”

Her daughter’s request was immediately carried out by her father. After lying down with a banana stem pillow, Tuwung Kuning said, “Father, now it can be started.”

With fiery eyes he drew his sword to begin slaughtering his daughter. But suddenly his daughter’s body disappeared from his sight and all the sword hit was the banana stem.

Seeing this fact immediately came to regret and he burst into tears. Carrying pieces of banana stalks, he returned to his house.

When he got home he was converted to his wife and in-laws. Balinese folklore states that the banana stalk was given to his dear chicken, but the chicken would not eat.

Immediately there arises disappointment with all the fighting cocks. All his pride chickens were thrown away. Since then he promised not to gamble by fighting cocks again. Obviously gambling only makes his life miserable until his own child becomes a victim.

The mandate of this folklore from Bali is that we always love our children, whatever the circumstances. The moral message of this legend from Bali is that we are grateful for whatever blessings God gives. Hopefully this article The Jombang Taste can add to your insight. See you in the next Indonesian folklore article.


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