The Legend of Umbut Muda and Folklore of Sungai Siak Sri Indrapura in Riau

Cerita legenda buaya ajaib dari Nusantara
Cerita legenda buaya ajaib dari Nusantara

Legend of Umbut Muda from Riau – Formerly Sungai Siak was called Sungai Jantan. While Siak Sri Indrapuramasih is named Mempura. There lived a middle-aged widow with a daughter named Umbut Muda. This girl is so beautiful.

The beauty of the Young Umbut was unmatched at that time. Its beauty is unbeatable from Mempura, Kuala Buantan to the upper reaches of Senapelan hamlet. Because he was always praised, the Young Umbut became conceited and arrogant.

The clothes should be made of the most expensive silk fabric, the famous Trengganu woven songket fabric is equipped with a scarf from Daik woven mastuli fabric. Gold and forged silver, forged imported from China, it is still not enough, a pair of bracelets in his hand, arranged five weighing eight tails or half kati.

Fortunately, the property left by his late father is enough to fulfill the wishes of the Young Umbut. If not, how can it be while his mother is just a weaver who only takes wages to weave songket cloth from here and there just to meet the needs of daily life.

“Mother, don’t just have fun, just spend my father’s inheritance,” rebuked the Young Umbut when he once saw his mother retiring from weaving. Even though his mother was tired at that time.

Not only did he talk, the Young Umbut also had a sour face, his face was frowning. His mother was not allowed to be in a luxury house for the size of the time, was harassed and sometimes had to sleep in a mosquito-friendly porch.

“Hem, feel it for you Mom!” said the Young Umbut, when his mother had to sleep on the porch of such a house.

“Umbut told me to take the comb that just fell. Mom didn’t take it right away. I didn’t have time! The weaving thread is tangled! There are many reasons!” said the beautiful girl scolding her mother who was lying on an old pandan mat.

So that his mother obeyed his orders, he said again. “That’s the name of the punishment for lazy parents!”

This unfortunate mother must submit under the command of the Young Umbut the only beloved child, pampered until the girl.

“I’m sorry Mom, Umbut !,” his mother muttered. “Mother is wrong, I’m sorry.”

When he saw the old man giving in, apologizing, and he felt praised, then the Young Umbut allowed his mother to sleep in the house occupying his usual room.

The family, especially the family, is quite far away, no one dares to advise the beautiful young Umbut Muda. She is quite famous as the girl who owns the rich heritage. Therefore he felt the highest in his relatives and felt the same degree as the daughter of the kings who were in power at that time.

One day he married the daughter of one of Mempura’s famous nobles. The invitation consists of famous people, honorable guests including the Young Umbut. He lives on the other side of Sungai Jantan opposite the village where the event took place.

“Mother, get dressed, Mother,” the Umbut Muda ordered his mother, as he was about to go to the wedding party. “I have to wear a short kebaya. A rainbow cloth scarf, and a Kedah batik wreath. Don’t be stubborn, Mom is a Umbut umbrella maker who wants to go to people’s weddings,” he said.

“That’s Umbut,” replied the Umbut Muda’s mother obediently. The Umbut Muda also wore expensive clothes, baju kurung from Trengganu woven songket fabric. Matuli silk scarf cloth swayed, weaving Daik. The gold-plated pending plate covered with crab skin is made of twenty-four carat gold.

Hamlet necklace around the neck up to chest level, five pairs, made of pure gold. Baju kurung buttoned with a diamond jewel necklace on the neck, with gold leg bracelets. The gentleman rang the sound, every time he stepped.

The rings on the fingers of his left and right hands are worn entirely on his eight fingers, all of which are gold diamonds. Kerabu diamond earrings gleamed in his ears. The long hair is bundled with the famous double fold, snail pomegranate pomegranate gem.

Meanwhile on both hands there are five pairs of gold bracelets on one hand, totaling ten bracelets. This bracelet is used as a symbol, the Umbut Muda with many bracelets is becoming more famous. Famous in the Mempura neighborhood, up to the upper reaches of the Senapelan village river.

The young Umbut’s face became more beautiful, graceful walking. He wore a light blue umbrella with tassels made of Chinese-made glass beads. Umbut Muda’s limbs are very prominent, when he wraps the bridge across the Jantan river.

“Kriut … kriut …” the floor of the bridge nibung split, squeaking. His mother worked as an umbrella maker, walking to the left. I don’t know what caused it, it may have been destiny, suddenly two bracelets on the young Umbut Muda’s right hand fell. The bracelets were thrown into the river.

“Mother … The Umbut bracelet falls in two layers, four in number,” said the Young Umbut shouting. He told his mother to jump into the river. “Mother, take my bracelet mom …!,” He said while pushing his mother into the river.
“Dive in, Mom …!” the order.

“The river current is so fast Son … Mom does not dare to dive!”

The Young Umbut was so angry with his mother. He also took a forked stick and pressed it to his mother’s neck very roughly. “Take my bracelet … dive!” he snapped loudly.

Byurrr …! The water bubbles moved upwards from his mother’s breath. Burr! The river current was bubbling. And at that moment the tornado wind rolled down. Siuuuuunggg …!

The Young Umbut was carried away by the tornado. He was thrown into the river and sank, he heard a shout “Maaak help me …!”

But his mother could not do anything. The girl’s voice grew faint, finally the rebellious girl drowned in the mud. While his mother climbed to the river bank safely. He lost his beloved daughter, in a very tragic way.

In certain months until now, the roots in the Siak River are always played by the current. The roots move like long unraveled hair tickling. A view that the people believed to be the hair of the Young Umbut Gelang Banyak appeared there, to serve as a reminder about the rebellious child.

Sometimes tornadoes roll in there. This is a sign to the local community that there is a violation of customs and religious law in the neighborhood of Siak Sri Indrapura. So there are rarely people who are brave to their mother, let alone treat their mother like a slave or a servant like the behavior of the Young Umbut. Such is the legendary story from Riau about Umbut Muda.

The moral message of this Riau folklore is that we should not dare to disobey the parents. The message of Riau folklore is that every child treats their parents as best they can. Every child should not abuse and treat parents as helpers just because of wealth. Hopefully this story of Umbut Muda can add to your insight. See you in the next article The Jombang Taste.


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