Jambi Folklore: The Little One’s Tale of Great Power

Cerita Rakyat Jambi Dongeng Si Kelingking Berkekuatan Hebat

In ancient times there was a husband and wife who lived in a small village in the Jambi area. Even though they live in poverty, they are still harmonious and happy in carrying out their daily activities. But their happiness is incomplete because they don’t have children. Even so, they did not give up hope, almost every day the husband and wife prayed to God to ask for a son.

“Yes, Lord! Give us a child, even as big as a little finger!” That is the prayer they always say.

Their prayers were answered. Not long after, the wife became pregnant. The husband is absurdly happy. Soon he will be rocking the child. He imagined how happy it would be to play with his child. A few months later, the wife gave birth. How shocked they were, when they saw that their baby was born only as big as a little finger.

The joy that initially radiated on the faces of the husband and wife turned into sadness. They regret why their prayers only wish the child as big as a little finger. However, like it or not they have to accept the little finger gracefully. That is God’s gift to them. Because the shape is as big as a little finger, the husband and wife then named their son the little finger.

The little finger has strange habits compared to other children his age. Even though the body is very small, the little finger is able to consume large amounts of food. His parents often have a hard time meeting the needs of the little finger. They are poor and it is difficult to eat their daily lives. Then added the little greed, their patience was lost.

Failed to Get Rid of Little One

After deliberating secretly, the husband and wife decided to throw the little finger away from their lives. Until one day, the father took the little finger to the forest to find wood. Arriving in the middle of the forest, the father immediately cut down a large tree which was directed at his son.

The father hopes that the heavy weight of the tree can kill the little finger so that the big problems in his life can be resolved. A few moments later, the big tree collapsed on the little finger. The father smiled happily watching the little tree hit by a big tree. After making sure and sure that his son was dead, the father immediately returned to his house.

Hearing her husband’s story, the wife was relieved. Now there are no food vendors who spend their rice rations. Unfortunately they forget that killing is a sin.

When the husband and wife were celebrating the killing of the little finger, a call came from outside. “Father…! Where should I put this tree trunk? ” Presumably it is the voice of the little finger looking for his father.

The husband and wife were shocked when they heard this. “Isn’t that the little finger. Come on, let’s go see it!” exclaimed the husband curiously.

They were very surprised to see the little finger was carrying a large tree on his shoulder. After putting the wood behind the house, the little finger immediately looked for food at his house. Feeling hungry, he finished a basket of rice. Meanwhile, his father and mother just sat there dumbfounded at the sight of their child eating. They don’t know what to do to get rid of little finger forever.

The little finger uses its strength

Time keeps running. The husband and wife are not tired of trying to throw the little finger away. Even though it has been eliminated several times, the little finger keeps coming back. They are at their wits end to get rid of little finger.

When they saw the little finger eating so eagerly and seemed never to know the evil intentions of their parents, they finally realized. The little finger is his flesh and blood, he should be cared for properly. Aren’t they the ones who prayed to God to be blessed with sons, even though they were as big as a little finger.

Since then, they have accepted the little finger sincerely. The power of the little pinkie is very big and strong, it turns out to be very useful. With his great strength, little finger is able to do tough work. Many neighbors need help. He got the reward he deserved.

Finally, their life is getting better thanks to the power of the little finger. They are no longer lacking, the little pinkie can already do it on their own, and can even help their parents.

The message of this fairy tale story of the little finger is that every parent should accept whatever condition their child is. Each child has their own strengths and weaknesses, so there is no need to be compared between one child and another. Hopefully this story of Si Kelingking from Jambi can inspire you to be wiser in educating your children at home. See you again in the folklore series of Nusantara with the blog The Jombang Taste.


Rahimsyah, MB. 2007. Complete collection of archipelago folklore from 33 provinces. Bintang Usaha Jaya, Surabaya.

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