Aceh Folklore: The Legend of Princess Pucuk Gelumpang

Cerita Rakyat Kalimantan Selatan: Dongeng Raja Baik Hati Memberikan Putrinya
Cerita Rakyat Kalimantan Selatan: Dongeng Raja Baik Hati Memberikan Putrinya

Through this article Aceh folklore, The Jombang Taste invite you to reflect on how to educate children in the family. In ancient times lived a nobleman who had two friends, one named Lesamana, and the other named Pedanelam. These two aristocratic friends always work to incite their masters. The incitement is that when he has a son he must be protected, if he has a daughter he must be killed and then his meat is made into curry to eat.

This nobleman had a wife who was pregnant. The story delves into the Acehnese people that one day he planned to go to Penang, he asked his wife, “Dinda, how old’s womb?”

“Yes Kakanda, my pregnancy is seven months,” said his wife.

“All right. I will leave today. If later our son will sound the silver chain. But if later our daughter will sound the brass chain. Well when I hear the signal I will go home,” said the nobleman later.

Indeed, the speech of the nobility has its own meaning. When the baby is a boy he will be happy, but when the girl is a child he will be killed.

Folklore Aceh continues. When the time came, a baby girl was born. The baby’s mother was depressed when she found out that her child was a baby girl. What will happen to her son later when her husband comes home.

The nobleman’s wife tried to think. What path will he travel to save his son. The lde suddenly appeared, then he took the baby to the forest.

In the dense forest he climbed a large tree called the pedestrian tree. He made it on the tree as a cradle for his son. On the way home he caught a goat and cut it up and then cooked it into curry. Goat heads are planted in the corner of the fireplace. After all that was done he sounded the brass chain.

Hearing the sound of the aristocratic copper chain he returned immediately. He was accompanied by his friends who always accompanied him, namely Lesaman and Pedanelam.

Upon arriving home, the nobleman asked his wife: “Where is our son?”

“Before Kanda came, I slaughtered our son. This is our son’s meat curry,” while serving curry and rice.

“Yes, good. Let’s eat,” said the nobleman, inviting his friends Lesaman and Pendanelam.

“ … click they are not eating human flesh. Click …. click … click …. they are eating mutton,” the voice was apparently an eagle’s voice.

The noble friends who were eating, heard the voice stunned for a moment. But the nobles say all that should not be ignored. Then the voice was heard again. The longer it becomes clearer.

Nobles began to suspect. His suspicions grew when he found a goat’s head near the fireplace. The nobleman got up and was very angry. He threatened to kill his wife. The story continued with the Acehnese people’s marital conversation.

“Where did you throw my son. Tell me! Or I will kill you now !,” said the nobleman to his wife.

“I’ll keep it in the woods, I’ll take it soon,” his wife said in fear.

Aceh legend continues. After a long walk he arrived in the forest. When he arrived at the pedestrian tree where his son was hiding, he called out to call his son. It was said to his son that his father had returned from Penang. Her father brought her a gold-plated skewer and other jewelry. Because it came home immediately.

“Good mother,” her son’s voice was heard from above the tree. “I have not been able to go home yet. Tell Dad, I am planting cotton.”

Fearing her husband’s rude attitude, the mother persuaded her son to go home. But his son did not want to go down. Then his mother went home. Seeing his wife go home alone, the nobleman was angry.

“Where is my son,” he said in a loud voice. “Your son is planting cotton. So he can’t go home yet,” his wife said in a frightened voice.

“A woman does not know how lucky she is to plant cotton! Invite the child again. Otherwise your life will drift,” said her husband threatening.

So the nobleman’s wife hurried to the forest again. When he arrived at the pedestrian tree, he said to his son, “My son, come down! Let’s go home, your father has returned from Penang, you are carrying gold earrings.”

“My dear mother, tell me I can’t go home yet. I’m waiting for the cotton to bloom.”

The aristocratic wife returned home, her attempt to persuade her son was unsuccessful.

When she got home, she received harsh words and threats from her husband. There was no other way for her, except to return to the forest to meet her son.

This time his son said he was picking cotton. Because he has not been able to go home yet. Another time he was spinning a thread. Because he has not been able to go home yet.

The last time his mother came, he said sadly, “My son, come home dear. Your father has come back with clothes for you.”

“Mother, my shirts and dad pants are finished I weave. Please, father, come and pick me up. Don’t forget to bring a ladder for me. “

Hearing his son say so he immediately went home. Arriving at the house, her son’s message was immediately delivered to her husband. But in his heart he felt sad. Because the child will of course be killed by her husband. He could do nothing but surrender. The story continues with the people of Aceh are still poor child’s life that his father would be killed.

Then the nobles went to the forest to take their son. He ordered Lesmana and Pedanelam to carry twenty swords. The sword was sharpened sharply. Nobles carry five sword blades. He also brought a chopstick complete with his chopsticks.

All the necessary equipment has been collected. They went to the forest to pick up the child. The mother was restless and sad after witnessing the equipment, sharp sword and chopsticks that her husband would bring. She imagined all the sharp tools she was carrying, of course to kill her son.

When they reached the forest, in the pedestrian tree they made a ladder. After the stairs were completed, the mother was asked to call her son.

“My son. Mother came with your father. We picked you up. The ladder has been installed. Let my son down,” his mother persuaded from under the tree.

Hearing his mother’s voice, the child was about to go down. But, before stepping down the tree, he first asked permission. She thanked the pedestrian tree that had been protecting and caring for her until she grew into a girl.

Hearing the sound of a large pedestrian tree with its leaves swaying. Maybe welcome the girl’s voice. While the stairs are all made up of swords, the nobles and their friends have been installed. The girl stepped foot on the first stairs. At that moment his father chuckled from below. Hit the bun.

“Is this Ma’am?” the girl asked. “That’s a gold bun skewer. Your father brought it from Penang,” replied his mother. The girl went down the second step. His father chuckled again. Hit his ear.

“What is this Ma’am?” the girl asked again. “Those are the gold earrings your father brought,” replied his mother.

The girl went down the third step. His father chuckled again. Hit his neck. “Is this Ma’am?” The girl asked as well. “That’s the gold necklace your father brought,” replied his mother.

That’s how every girl’s legs down the stairs her father always choked her. About the girl’s chest, waist, abdomen, thighs and legs. The girl always asked. Acehnese folklore states that the mother was always answered that it was a souvenir brought by the father of Penang.

Arriving under the girl was not injured. The girl’s legs are not Iuka. Also other parts of the body that are choked with sharp objects are not injured. The nobility knew in that way that his son was not dead. While he wanted to kill his son. So the girl was taken home.

While sitting at home, the girl suddenly thought of saving herself. Then he said to his father. “Dad, if you want to kill me, set up a banana tree on my left,” said the girl.

His father wondered, “Why do I have to set up a banana tree?”

“If Dad beheaded me directly, maybe Dad would not be willing to do it,” said the girl.

“If that’s your suggestion, fine.” Banana sticks were then planted next to the girl. His father was getting ready with a sharp sword in his hand to behead him.

“Dad, close your eyes!” exclaimed his son,

While closing the eyes of the nobles swinging the sword while as fast as lightning the girl retreated Ialu jumped into the bushes around it. Clothes and pants woven for his father were stuck on the sword that had cut the banana stem.

The father drew his sword. He noticed the clothes and pants that were woven for him. The nobleman suddenly regretted himself. “My son. You weave clothes and pants for me. While I never give a glass of water or a bite of rice to raise you.”

The nobility looked very sad. He exclaimed in a heartbreaking voice, “My son, how loyal you are. My son … I was incited. My son … I am sorry.”

Suddenly he raised his sword high and cut Lesamana and Pedanelam. “Feel my sword, this is what you two do. You have incited me to kill my son,” shouted the sad nobleman. Then the sword was directed at himself.

The girl who was hiding in the bushes, could no longer prevent what her father was doing. Then the girl lived with her mother in peace and quiet. The girl is known as Putri Pucuk Gelumpang.

Thus the story of the people of Aceh is about Princess Nail Gelumpang authors share for you. The mandate of the people of Aceh story was so every parent loves her sincerely and willingly accept their situation. The moral message of the legendary story of Princess Pucuk Gelumpang is never neglect children’s affection. Hopefully this legend from Aceh adds to your insight.


Ara, LK. 2008. Folk Story from Aceh. Jakarta: Grasindo.


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