Forced Love

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sarah. Sarah met a boy named Adam. They fell in love, but Sarah’s parents did not approve of their relationship because Adam came from a poor family. However, Sarah and Adam decided to continue their relationship despite the disapproval from Sarah’s parents.

One day, Sarah’s parents found out and forbade Sarah from seeing Adam. They arranged for her to marry a wealthy businessman. Sarah was heartbroken, but she didn’t want to disobey her parents, so she agreed to the arranged marriage.

After some time, Sarah got married to the businessman, but could never forget Adam. She saw him occasionally and realized that they both still had feelings for each other. Sarah’s marriage became miserable, and she regretted her decision. She knew that she was in love with Adam, but it was too late to turn back.

Years passed, and Sarah’s parents realized their mistake in forcing their daughter to marry someone she didn’t love. They apologized to Sarah, but it was not enough to heal her broken heart.

In the end, Sarah remained in her unhappy marriage, wishing she had taken the risk to be with the one she truly loved. The lesson learned is that true love cannot be forced, and it is worth fighting for, even if it means going against the wishes of others.


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