Jambi Folklore: The Legend of the Origin of the Land of Lempur

Cerita Hikayat Raja Arief Imam - Wedding ilustration by Hidayat Said

The legend begins when in ancient times in a wilderness in the Jambi area, the Pam Peak Tiga Kaum Kingdom was established. As the name implies, the kingdom was ruled by three brothers, namely Pam Puncak Rencong Talang, Pam Peak Tanjung Seri, and Pam Peak Koto Tapus. The three of them live side by side peacefully. If one of them is in trouble, the other will not hesitate to step in to help. Likewise, when they get prosperous, they always remember to share with each other.

At one time, the people’s harvest in the Pam Puncak Rencong Talang territory was abundant. The people rejoice because their rice plants produce a lot. Likewise, the crops are abundant and sufficient for food supplies for the coming year. Therefore, Pam Peak Rencong Talang intended to hold a harvest party by inviting his relatives and family. Because he could not attend, Pam Peak Tanjung Seri sent his wife and two children.

Pam Puncak Tanjung Seri’s wife and children immediately left for the land of Pam Puncak Rencong Talang. They traveled for several days and now arrived in the land of Pam Puncak Rencong Talang. Festival day and harvest feast arrived. It was negotiated that the feast would be three days and three nights. The people were happy and dissolved in the harvest festival.

On the third night of the harvest festival, a virgin from Pam Puncak Tanjung Seri was present, who was the target of the youth because of her beauty. It is said that the party was very lively. Many village youths tried to attract the virgin Pam Puncak Tanjung Seri but he ignored all of them.

Not felt the rooster had crowed many times. Finally, the girl’s mother took her son home.

“Son, let’s go home! Day will soon be noon, “said the mother.

But the girl ignored her mother’s call. He was still engrossed in talking with his friends who were the princesses. Until there was a young man nearby asked the girl.

“Who is the old woman who called him that?” said the young man.

Hearing the question, he answered, “Oo … that woman is my maid.”

The mother was hurt to hear that. He did not think that his daughter thought of him as his maid. However, he did not convey the hurt. He kept it deep.

Princess Cantik Durhaka To Her Mother

The next day, Pam Puncak Tanjung Seri’s wife and children returned to their country. It was told when the group arrived between Sangkar and Lolo Island which was swampy and muddy. The king’s daughter did not want to walk side by side with her mother. The mother is increasingly hurt by the behavior of her child. So the wife of Pamujung Tanjung Seri prayed to God that her son who was disobedient would be swallowed up by the mud swamp.

Apparently the prayer was granted by God. Suddenly the beautiful princess’s feet were caught by a muddy swamp so that she sank even deeper. The longer he got stuck in the deep mud. He wept and asked his mother and caretaker for help.

“Mother … Mother … Help me …!” he shouted for help.

But unfortunately his mother did not care.

“I am not your mother, I am only your servant,” replied the mother.

The girl continued to roar as well, saying, “Please. I’m sorry, Mother. Please Mother, I will no longer disobey you.”

His mother didn’t want to hear his son’s request. He was already angry and hurt because of his daughter’s disobedient behavior. Instead, she took the Jambi bracelet and scarf her son was wearing. After taking the item, the disobedient beautiful daughter drowned.

After that incident, the country where the princess drowned was named by its inhabitants with the name Lempur which comes from the word Mud. Meanwhile, the bracelet was thrown in a tebat, so that the tebat was called Tebat Gelang. Then, the Jambi long cloth was also thrown into another tebat, so that the tebat was given the name Tebat Jambi.

The legend of the origin of the land of Lempur has the mandate of the importance of being devoted to parents, especially mothers. No matter how beautiful a person’s face is, it will be useless if he is disobedient to his parents. Disobedient behavior towards parents will be punished in this world and the hereafter. Hopefully this Jambi folklore regarding the origins of the land of Lempur can inspire you.


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