Barikan Tradition in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the “Barikan” tradition is commonly practiced in the lead-up to August 17th, which is Indonesia’s Independence Day. “Barikan” refers to a cultural practice where neighbors or community members contribute food and snacks to be shared among everyone. These contributions are usually made in the form of traditional Indonesian snacks, such as “kue lapis” (layered cake), “onde-onde” (glutinous rice balls), or “klepon” (glutinous rice balls filled with palm sugar).

The purpose of the Barikan tradition is to foster a sense of unity and togetherness among community members. It is a way for people to come together and celebrate their shared identity as Indonesians during the Independence Day festivities. The tradition also serves as a symbol of gratitude and appreciation for the nation’s independence.

During the Barikan, people gather and enjoy the food and snacks contributed by their neighbors and community members. It creates a festive atmosphere, filled with laughter, conversations, and a sense of camaraderie. This tradition is a reflection of the strong community spirit and the importance of unity in Indonesian society.

Overall, the Barikan tradition is an integral part of the Indonesian culture and helps to strengthen the bond between neighbors and community members as they commemorate the country’s Independence Day.


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