The Legend of Putri Cempaka

“Legenda Putri Cempaka” is a story from Indonesia. It is about a beautiful princess named Putri Cempaka who lived in a kingdom with her parents, the king and queen.

One day, the kingdom was hit by a severe drought that affected the crops and caused famine. The people of the kingdom suffered, and the king and queen couldn’t find a solution to the problem. However, Putri Cempaka remembered the legend of a magical tree located at the top of a nearby mountain that could bring rain to the land.

She decided to embark on a journey to find the tree and bring rain to her kingdom. She climbed the mountain, faced obstacles and dangers, and finally found the magical tree. She prayed and asked for rain, and the tree granted her wish. Rain poured down from the sky, ending the drought and saving the kingdom.

The people of the kingdom were overjoyed and grateful to Putri Cempaka, who became a legend and a symbol of courage and selflessness. She is remembered as a brave and kind princess who put the needs of her people above her own.


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