Taking a Bath in front of The President

Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a man Tom loved baths. He loved it so much he always look for new places to take a dip, whether it was in a lake, a river, or even a big puddle.

One day, the President of the country announced that he would be visiting the village to give an important speech. The whole village was excited, and the village elders decided to build a makeshift stage in the middle of the town square. Tom this would be an excellent opportunity for him to combine his two great loves: bathing and listening to speeches. So, he hatched a plan.

On the day of the President’s visit, the entire village gathered in the square to watch the President’s speech. Tom however, had found a huge barrel and filled it with water. He dragged the barrel to the back of the stage and hid behind it, ready to take a bath while listening to the speech. He thought he would to avoid being noticed. But, as luck would have it, he was very.

As soon as the President started his speech, Tom slipped into the barrel and began to enjoy his bath. He splashed water around and began to sing his favorite bathing song, a tune that he had composed himself. Unfortunately for Tom, his voice was not obvious, and his singing could be heard throughout the whole village square.

The villagers started get curious about the noise and turned their attention away the President’s speech. Seeing the disturbance, the President stopped his speech and asked, “What is going on back there?” The, fearing that the President would be offended, scrambled to investigate.

When they discovered Tom happily bathing behind the stage, they began to reprimand him, but Tom was the commotion and stood up in a hurry, covered only by the suds from his bath. Suddenly, the President burst into laughter, and the entire village joined in as well.

The President, with a smile, let Tom know that taking a bath during his speech was indeed peculiar, but he appreciated the village’s hospitality. Tom realized that he had become line of the most hilarious story in the town. As he covered himself and sheepishly made his way off stage, he vowed never again to bathe in front of a crowd.


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